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Math and stats assistance centre

Welcome to the Math & Stats Assistance Centre! Whether you are struggling with a math course or aiming for an A+, we are here for you. See our schedule and locations.

What we do

We offer a friendly space where you can spend a couple of hours working on your 100- and 200-level math and stats courses. Bring your study group if you have one! When you are stuck on a concept or a problem, there is a TA on site who can help.

To get the most of it, we ask that you try to solve your questions on your own before asking us: read the book, review your class notes, ask your peers, etc. You can do all of this at the assistance centre. Our explanations will be much more useful if you have thought hard about your question first. In addition, if you bring your class notes, they will help us understand better where you are coming from. 

We complement, rather than replace, lectures and tutorials. We do not answer direct questions about assignments that are to be graded. If you need help with an assignment, try asking us a similar question or asking about the concepts.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 Show more dates
3:30pm - 7:30pm
Room 129
McPherson Library
  For Students     Learning Commons     Math & Stats Help     Mearns room 129  

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