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Using Generative AI for Student Research

Using Generative AI for Student Research Online

Note: This workshop is online only.

About the Workshop

This workshop aims to equip participants with a basic understanding of Generative AI (GenAI) and the ethical implications of its use in student research. Participants will explore its use for idea generation, and literature reviews, and consider ethical considerations such as plagiarism, privacy, and research integrity. In the hands-on portion of the workshop, participants will explore GenAI tool usage and output evaluation for accuracy and biases. The workshop will also cover UVic policies, attribution methods, library resource integration, and campus support services, to encourage informed, responsible GenAI use.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Generative AI: Define Generative AI and explain its relevance and potential applications in student research.
  • Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical implications of using GenAI in academic work, including issues related to plagiarism, data privacy, and research integrity.
  • Apply strategies such as prompt design, critical review of terms and conditions, and adjustments to privacy settings to address GenAI ethics and safety issues
  • Ethical Considerations: Make informed decisions about the use of GenAI technology, by considering its potential impact on academic integrity, privacy, and climate change
  • Explore Use Cases: Identify specific use cases of different GenAI in academic settings, such as literature review, idea generation, and data analysis.
  • Practical Applications: Demonstrate how to use Generative AI tools effectively for research purposes, including tips for generating useful outputs and refining queries.
  • Evaluate Quality and Reliability: Teach participants how to critically evaluate the outputs of Generative AI tools, including assessing accuracy, relevance, and potential biases.
  • Integrate with Research Workflow: Show how Generative AI can be integrated into the research workflow, from initial brainstorming to finalizing research papers.
  • Attribution: Cite outputs from GenAI tools using APA, MLA, IEEE, or other citation styles.
  • UVic Policies: Describe UVic policies and guidelines that relate to the use of GenAI, and understand their implications for academic integrity
  • Leverage Library Resources: Explain to a friend how GenAI tools integrate with traditional library resources to advance research and learning
  • Stay Informed: Be familiar with other places on campus, like LTSI, which can support you in the effective and appropriate use of GenAI
Wednesday, July 24, 2024
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Time Zone:
Pacific Time - US & Canada (change)
This is an online event. Event URL will be sent via registration email.
  Faculty     Graduate students     Undergraduate students     UVic staff  

Registration is required. There are 26 seats available.

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Event Presenter(s)

Rich McCue
Digital Scholarship Commons